The King’s Dragon

“[E]very single character in the book is drawn in deliciously exquisite detail [...] the unique environment lends a vibrancy and elegance to every scene. The plot is thoroughly absorbing, but it’s almost secondary to the beautiful way in which the whole thing is told.”
Doctor Who Magazine

“Fantastical dragons mixed with space bureaucrats – what’s not to love?”
The Terrible Zodin


The Never-Ending Sacrifice

“McCormack’s work demonstrates great passion, creative thought, and an intimate attachment to the characters she created to populate this book. Don’t read this for the battles, the history lessons, or the technical speak… you’ll be disappointed. Read The Never-Ending Sacrifice to embrace the life of Rugal Pa’Dar on his journeys, and open yourself to look at a Star Trek novel differently than you ever have before.”

“A superbly told, heart-rending story [...] what McCormack delivers here, with tremendous finesse, is a perfect example of how you can tell an entirely new Star Trek adventure, deeply embedded within the saga’s original continuity without ever becoming strangled by it. Thoroughly recommended.”
Star Trek Magazine


Hollow Men

“A delightfully devious, meticulously engineered plot [...] McCormack has an exceptional ear for dialogue, her narrative style is strong, fluent, and beautifully pitched, and she gets the pace just right, neither too slow nor too frenetic. Above all, though, it’s her knack of getting to the root of the characters, their mindsets and motivations, that make this easily the best Deep Space Nine novel so far.”
TV Zone

“One of the most powerful Trek novels in a while, with the technology kept firmly in its place, and the people centre stage.”

“A marvellous character piece from a strikingly promising writer.”
Unreality SF


Cardassia: The Lotus Flower

“A real gem.”

“Una McCormack’s writing is excellent, and her characters are fantastic.”
Unreality SF